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Dear Customer,

It is with great regret that to inform you that www.thaiflix.com will be closing in the near future. We would like to ask you to cease selling any unused Gift cards and online codes that are still in your possession with immediate effect. We will refund all unused Gift cards and online code directly to resellers. Please note that customers who have purchased cards/codes will have to contact thaiflix individually regarding refund. Resellers may contact us regarding unused cards/codes.

Welcome to myDOOTV

header-moscotmyDOOTV is Thai-TV program from Thailand.  Now you can watching programs via myDOOTV  in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and we are growing to other Countries more in Europe soon.

You can watch your favorite shows (Thai Lakorn), music, movies Comedy, Cartoons and 15 live-TV broadcasting stations.

<< If you are in Thailand, you aren’t able to watch Thai-TV program via thaiflix >>

PC or Laptop You are able to watch myDOOTV by :

  1. Tablet or iPad
  2. Smartphone or iPhone
  3. SmartTV
  4. Roku box

Our myDOOTV system wouldn’t send code card to you as you’ve got.

The easier way is you just register one time with us and every time you required new top-up after we would send a new code to you within a few minute.

Available Payment Options for more convenient and security for your account via PayPal :

  1. Billing payment or payment in advance.
  2. Payment by transferring.

As our new cutomer  myDOOTV: can try out our TV-program system within 24 hours.
Try it out! In our myDOOTV – Shop

Remark you aren’t able to renew to be our member automatically when terms of use is finished. You should making a new order with us!

You shouldn’t miss the chance to enroll and receive our news information.  For this reason, you would receive our offering as well!

Wir leben von Mundpropaganda.
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