How much does myDOOTV cost?

How much does myDOOTV cost?

myDOOTV works according to prepaid system.

You can order in our myDOOTV – shop in term of use in which Thai- TV program you want to use:

  • 30 days = 10.50 euro
  • 90 days = 30.00 euro
  • 180 days = 58.00 euro
  • 12 months = 90.00 euro
  • 24 months = 145.00 euro

For those who may know myDOOTV card from Thai or Asia shop. This won’t longer exist from April 2015.

We work with a coupon system. For this purpose, we would send the required coupon codes for a period you would like by E-mail.

We are official authorized dealers of thaiflix for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our German, English and Thai speaking- free of charge supporting to help you with any problems, you may have when ordering, or activation, etc.. with us.


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